Morning Coffee: 4.21.08

Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan in 2002’s Die Another Day.

Ever wanted to get to know the brain behind 007? A new exhibit is introducing the real James Bond, Ian Flemming to the masses. {Reuters}

Apparently, by supporting Obama the Clintons are adding names to their frienemies list. I imagine that she’s using a big red sharpie. {NYT}

The UK’s Equaity Chief, Trevor Phillips (my bet is he’s Jamaican!) asserts that increased migration will foster racial segregation, violence and white families rights to public housing. He could have saved us the entire speech by just screaming “There’s a race war a coming!!!!” {Telegraph}

In the community of Obama supporters, the older your sticker the deeper on lapel signals your commitment level. Sigh @ the liberals sometimes. This is why I don’t go to rallies–my new clothes make me look amateur. {WashPo}

In Italy, two rapes with the suspects both being foreigners is pushing crime and immigrants to the top of Berlusconi’s agenda. This should be interesting. {Reuters}

Speaking of minorities, haven’t US news commenters learned anything? You don’t mess with the Chinese. {LaTimes}

Red & Black have their meaning in business, but Plum? Honey, it’s the new Green. {NYT}

Apparently, they are still “discovering” people in Africa. No comment. {BBC}

London Stinks. Really! {CNN}


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