Morning Coffee 4.23.08

At first glance I thought that Disney was making a porno. But alas, it is a condom ad created by CLM BBDO Paris. We love the French. {Adland}

Nooooo! Hip-hop producer extroadinaire Swizz Beats and his wife Mashonda are splitting! This was, by far, my favorite hip-hop marriage. First the ring, then the baby–all smiles in the photos. No biz in the street and no media circus or reality show. Btw, Swizz has one DIESEL art collection, props to you for not wasting your money on a chain! {MissInfo}

Chicago is on FIRE. This past weekend nine people were killed in 36 shooting incidents. And it’s only SPRING. {CNN

Didn’t we already AGREE that Jayonce sealed the deal on the 4th? Why is this news? {MTV}

In the UK, even McDonalds is snazzy-they are getting designer uniforms. {Guardian}

I don’t know who I’m more disturbed by in this video: Bush or the man w/ the parasol dancing with him. I love my New Orleans folks, but really–did we forget Katrina that quickly? {Telegraph}

The UN is reporting that the total of deaths from the turmoil in Darfur has risen to about 300K. But we don’t want to hear that right? After all, it’s over THERE. {BBC}

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