Morning Coffee: 4.24.08

Today’s coffee is dedicated to Star Jones. Some how, some way–she saw the light.
Is this news? Yes Dammit.

Says reports:

Star Jones, whose elaborate, corporate-sponsored wedding won her the nickname “Bridezilla,” has filed for a divorce from her husband of about three years, Al Reynolds, according to media reports.

Oh yes! Did she finally figure out how special her husband was/is? What do you think it was that was the real reason? Did he flat out do a Waiting to Exhale on her? We here at Parlour have never been the type to throw around the G-word when not confirmed, but come on!!

I have this crazy connection to Star, as in the past 6 months I have: 1) Sat next to her on a plane, 2) Attended 2 functions with her being seated next or very close to me, 3) Passed her on the street about 75+ times in the street. ALL with her sans Al. Apparently, she filed divorce papers over a month ago. While it is sad when any marriage breaks up, this one….not so much. It’s not like she paid for the full wedding, so no love lost. Raise your hand if you saw this coming, three years ago.



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