Morning Coffee: 4.25.08 (It’s Friday!)

Apparently, Steven Meisel has shot and entire issue of Italian Vogue featuring nothing but black models to encourage other titles to do the same. Fab! Hopefully this image, captured by Annie Lebowitz in 2001, will tide you over. Wait. Damm, 2001? {Fashionista}

In Cuba, now that citizens are allowed to have cellphone…over 7500 have been sold in the last 10 days. One word–Ringtones. {BBC}

Walmart is stepping their game up since Target is proving that style definitely beats substance. {WSJ}

African American Congressman and superdelegate, James E. Clyburn is suggesting that Bill Clinton just go sit down somewhere and let his wife do all the talking. {NYT}

Created to increase efficiency and reduce congestion, airline passengers in the UK will be screened using facial scan technology. Sigh. Americans still have to deal with the TSA and pray to get through the line. {Guardian}

Wesley Snipes is going to jail for not paying Uncle Sam and then being rude about it. {People}

Im sad. The production of the new James Bond flick has been halted due to what some are calling a “curse”. I need my Daniel Craig!! Also, can we have a collective moment of silence for the death of a brand new Aston Martin please? That was heartbreaking. {TimesOnline}

In Japan, a U.S. Marine is finally being court-martialed on charges of him kidnapping and raping a 14 year old in Okinawa. This is after Japanese officials reportedly tried to “hush” the issue. {Reuters}

The U.S. is accusing North Korea and Syria of building a nucelar reactor plant that wasn’t “on the peaceful tip”. As opposed to what? {BBC}

Well, it’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend folks! Stay Fly.


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