Morning Coffee: 4.28.08

Yes! On Friday we reported that Vogue Italia has just wrapped an entire issue featuring nothing but Black models. Well now it’s been confirmed! Now, let’s play guess the cover girls. I pick: Jourdann, Atong, Kinee and Chanel. On the serious tip, I am curious to see how many ads they can pull off. {Independent}

It’s been said that the “Weddings & Celebrations” pages in the newspaper are the sporting pages for single women–true, but gay men are moving in on that, quickly. As long as the boys leave the bridal toss, aka female football alone, I’m cool. {NYT}

Ok, hold your breath on this one. An Austrian man has been arrested on the suspicion that he hid his daughter in his basement, and fathered seven kids with her. She was reported missing in 1984, and was discovered only after a medical emergency with one of their children. {BBC}

It is a well known fact the the American C.I.A. has been using extreme and brutal interrogation tactics on it’s captives, many that go against international law. Recently released letters shed light on just how much of the rules can be bent. {NYT}

In India, the Bollywood industry is starting to open itself up to all castes (social levels). Unlike the American and European film industries, to make it Bollywood largely depends on your talent and your pedigree. {WashPo}

Remember Trevor Phillips, the Equality Chief of the UK that I mentioned a few brews back? Well, he has published an interesting piece in the Sunday Times to make his case for the new victim of race: the White Man. {TimesOnline}

Flip this House? Heh! How about Flip this Birkin Bag? {WSJ}


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