Morning Coffee: 4.29.08

^^ Sexy & Disturbing. Always wanted to really see/know what “waterboarding” is and why there is an international campaign to stop it? Check out this slick spot produced by Amnesty International. I bet you will get the point. {UnSubscribeMe}

Man, being a celebrity is a real bitch. American pop star Miley Cyrus, age 15 was photographed for Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz in what many consider to be a pretty mature and striking photograph for a very mature magazine. From the looks of it, her bread&butter, the Disney Network aren’t happy with her stepping outside of her box and Miley has issued an apology. Of course Vanity Fair fired back and basically said “you made your bed, now lie in it–with Mickey Mouse sheets.” {Telegraph}

No wonder American military morale is low. Aside from faulty equipment, involuntary re-instatements and mediocre health care for veterans, their baracks are disgusting. {CNN}

Oooh! Looks like someone in, or around the Royal Family in the UK has been creeping w/ the same sex! And then setup by a scheming alleged victim. This is better than Law&Order. Pass the popcorn please! {TimesOnline}

How sexy is it that Ludacris is going into the restaurant biz? And is it me, or did his capital go up in this image? Maybe i’ve been too busy to notice his new swagger. {SP}

The RNC (Republican National Committee) is calling an ad that the Democratic Party is airing about John McCain not only misleading, it’s illegal. Between this and what I am dubbing as the “Obama chronicles”, DNC, let’s pick a candidate and MOVE ON please! {ChicagoTribune}

Attention white (celebrity) couples everywhere: Vietnam is about to end it’s adoption agreement with the US due to corruption and baby smuggling. Snatch one up while you can! {BBC}

From the looks of it, the creators of The Secret didn’t read their own book. {NYT}


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