Morning Coffee: 4.30.08

<<< See, remember when I wrote this? So it turns out that international football (or soccer) star, Ronaldo (not to be confused with his younger, cuter name-sharing counterpart), got caught up in a sex scandal with three transvestite prostitutes…which he all confessed to when he reported them to police. Keep in mind, prostitution isn’t exactly illegal in Brasil. First you get all chubby on us, then this? No booty call is worth involving the press. {BBC}

So, instead of walking that fine line, Obama has decided to step on one side–by formally denouncing his former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright. Anything for a vote I guess. *shrugs shoulders*. Although I would bet my new Chanel lipgloss that they planned this in private. {NYT}

I am personally a Blackberry girl (nice&simple–I just need a phone and email), but for all of my techanistas: AT&T is about to slash the price of the iPhone by about $200. {Fortune}

In England, the current tally of foreign pupils enrolled in school adds up to about 800,000. That means a lot of ESL classes. Keep in mind the total population is at about 51million. We might as well do away with these silly notions of racism now, cuz we are takin’ over around the world dammit! {Telegraph}

Finally! A good reason to actually watch TV! Angela Bassett will join the cast of “ER” for it’s final season. {NYT}

The Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, Albert Hoffman, has died. He was 102 years old. Thank you for my experience of witnessing my dinner crawl off my plate and melt into the floor (I swear thats what I saw), LSD is a hell of a drug. Damm, 102! {LaTimes}


Why oh why did I pretend I was under 23 last night? Yawn. Anyways, hit me at for any fresh Coffee or Tea brews!

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