Morning Coffee: 4.3.08

Thomas Beattie aka The Pregnant Dude, is appearing on Oprah today. And because it’s Oprah, and she is a divine being, she get first dibs on the belly rub. [Oprah]

Do you have the time for sex? According to this study, all you really need is about thirteen minutes. [CNN]

Members of a Russian cult have come out of their underground caves after months of waiting for the world to end. We have no words. [SMH]

Twelve-year olds are going to the salon to get streaks. At 12, I couldn’t even wear red underwear. [NYT]

Hillary Clinton has been vocal about opposing the war, but records show she’s done little while on the job to actually stop it. But this is the LATimes, so hold tight while we check our facts…[LATimes]

Ludacris and Tommy Lee are battling it our over…the earth? [Woohah]

It’s official. We think. In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is out and the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) is in. But this is Mugabe, so anything can happen. [BBC]

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