Morning Coffee: 4.4.08


Its Friday, so let’s get our morning fix, get to work and then start the weekend, shall we? – jbaker


Why fly a normal airline when you can fly Kanye-lines? Not only is he a superstar…but he’s your friendly travel agent. [KanyeTravel] related article [Guardian]

Speaking of flying, i’m a true travel snob (upgrade please.), so I barely ever touch Southwest – and the fact that they neglected and lied on their federal inspections just adds to the reasons why. [IHT]

Remember that movie Erin Brokovich that came out in 2000? Well, in the lawsuit it was based upon, energy giant PG&E is still paying out. $20 Million to be exact. [Guardian]

Americans are dissatisfied with the economy. Well, our dollar sucks, our industries are dwindling and the federal reserve is a joke. No shit. [NYTimes]

Having waited tables to get through college, I’m a pretty sympathetic diner. I’m ready to order at a reasonable time, polite and tip well–especially when after-dinner coffee take a minute to finish. But pulling out a laptop? We need to draw a limit people. [ChicagoTribune]

happy friday!

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