Morning Coffee: 4.7.08

I can’t even summarize this one, actually I think it’s always best just to let Washington Post columnist, Robin Givhan, speak for herself…

“We have nothing left to ask Madonna. The only questions left are those that we hope no one has the audacity to pose. But of course, eventually someone will. And we’ll be left with our hands pressed against our ears desperately trying to block out some piece of information dropped into the middle of an unassuming story the way Jennifer Lopez told People how her twins were conceived naturally with that hungry-looking Marc Anthony rather than artificially. We. Don’t. Want. To. Hear. That.”

Behold the Immaterial Girl [WashPo]

Apparently, the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff is a huge racist, but more importantly, he has a Facebook page? [NYT]

In London, The Olympics attempted to stage a torch relay – unfortunately a few thousand protesters had other plans. [Guardian]

Wait a minute. Aren’t Shaq and Shaunie getting divorced? Anyway, why does he appear to be wearing a wedding ring, sans vaseline? Matter of fact, in all of these pictures he looks extra ashy. But doesn’t Shaunie look great? Ah! This is too much for a Monday. [YBF]

Charlton Heston, aka Moses, has died at 84. Am I the only one who can’t stop saying “from my cold dead hands” and chuckling? I’m so wrong, I know. [CNN]

In France’s largest World War I cemetery, the graves of Muslim soldiers have been vandalized for the second time. [BBC]

Oh yeah, and Beyonce and Jay-Z officially tied the knot, says Mary J. Blige. [PH]

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