Morning Coffee: 4.8.08

Me don care about the story behind it, i’m not rocking a t-shirt advertising that I have been violated. [NYT]

For working moms, bringing baby to work may be the wave of the future. And single people everywhere are rolling their eyes and lobbying to bring their teacup puppies too, all in jealousy of course. Maybe it’s because US maternity leave laws SUCK. [Guardian]

Really LA Times? Is this news? You are retracting your bogus Tupac story..NOW? Shouldn’t you have done that weeks ago?[LAT]

Great news! You can now “push it real good” with Salt N Pepa in the Hallmark aisle of your neighborhood drugstore. [Wooohah]

For NYC drivers like me, we can relax now – evening runs to Barneys won’t cost us an extra 8 bucks. [NYT]

Yeah Fresh – we had to sit back on this one too. [C&D]

Any surprise that over 400 children were taken from a Texas Mormon ranch? Being a polygamist means a lot of diapers. [Reuters]

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