Morning Coffee: 4.9.08

On Thursday, Big Boi makes his Atlanta debut his new project “big”…with the Atlanta Ballet Company. No, he’s not wearing tights (thank GOD!). [NYT]

Jyeah! Tennessee whooped that ass on Stanford (sorry cali folks) last night, becoming NCAA champs, for the second time in a row. Lady Vol Candace Parker still managed to keep her blowout smooth too. That’s what I call style & substance! [ESPN]

We are pretty sure that the LAST thing that Lois, age 13, expected when she purchased and used L’Oreal hair dye was to look like something from the X-Files. [Telegraph]

In other news from across the pond that isn’t so surprising, Pete Doherty is in jail. Again. Was it THAT good Kate? [Guardian]

We already love Acai & granola, Havaianas, and just about every Brasilian guy we’ve ever met…so naturally we will be looking to purchase some Amazonian condoms! Next step – learn Portuguese. [BBC]

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