MUSIC: Jay Electronica Part Duex

So after Sunday’s bombshell of a concert, I was encouraged by my buddy Eskay to do some serious Jay Electronica research. And since some of you guys are so passionate about him, while others are “like who is this guy?” (I see you La Schmoove), I figured I’d come back and tell you my thoughts. My take?

He’s dope.

I really like “Voodoo” since I can actually hear the lyrics via wmdeez. This kid has the ill stash of back Electronica material including Ms. Badu talking about him holding her daughter, Puma, for the first time and her son, Seven’s, undying love for the guy.

Ultimately, I think that while Jay’s a good MC, he just sucks like every other MC does at the start of their career. Like MissInfo said…they all suck in the beginning. I guess I was just so disappointed because I really expected him to bring it during the performance but–he just didn’t. But hey, everything’s a learning experience, right? Hell, even for me (**cues up “Rennaisance Man”**).

Here’s the video via MissInfo for those who are like “dsteel, what the hell are you even talking about!?!” Keep in mind that the concert venue, NYC’s Nokia Theater, was packed and crazy noisy so his lyrics didn’t sound this clear that night. ( ed note. I’ve sat in the back of Nokia and heard Common LOUD & CLEAR, it’s all about the presentation. Maybe he just wasn’t ready for this venue? – jbaker)



(ps. to Okayplayer…broads make great writers.)

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