Nobel Prize Worthy Skin Care

I’m not vain – okay, maybe just a little – but, I do expect a lot from a face cream and I won’t just put anything on my skin.

After hearing about the greatness of the RéVive skincare line from not one, but two flawless-skinned, reliable sources (i.e. public relations execs who each rep’ other skincare brands that will remain nameless), I sucked it up and gave the Moisturizing Renewal Cream a go.

I’ve never looked back.

If you can get over the $165 price tag, you’re left with an amazingly effective EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)-pumped cream that increases cell turnover and treats skin damage overnight, while a hefty dose of antioxidants and nourishing oils fight free radicals and leave skin dewy (but not greasy).

Sounds science-y, I know. That’s because it is. The exclusive EGF formula won a Nobel Prize! Yeah, it’s THAT deep. Plus, baby-faced Jada Pinkett-Smith is a HUGE fan of this stuff.

ps: Wanna try it before you buy it? If you register at, you can score complementary samples of the star products.


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