Single Women are Ruining the World


Cruising Jezebel I found this, and I have to say that I was a little taken aback. How am I runing the world if I’m only taking up half the energy of a couple? This is how:

“Britain’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly are being thwarted by social forces that are causing more people to live alone, the Office for National Statistics warned yesterday.” -Guardian

Wow. Word?

“In its latest annual edition of Social Trends, the ONS said there were indications that people were trying to become greener: the proportion of domestic waste going to landfill has fallen from 84% to 58% over the past 10 years and recycling has increased from 7% to 31%. But there has been a steady rise in domestic energy consumption. The ONS said this was partly due to the energy consumed by lighting and electrical appliances, which has increased by 136% over the past 30 years. However, it suggested that changing family structures may have been a more important factor in curbing efforts to live greener lifestyles. “An increase in the number of people living alone may be thwarting the gains from energy efficiencies,” the Social Trends report found.” – Guardian

Here’s the rest … thoughts from the single woman, planet-killing, peanut gallery?

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