Sniffing Out Summer

I am an addict. My addiction? Candles. It’s really a little ridiculous. At the present time, I have about 50 different unburned candles tucked away in drawers and cabinets. And, I have 10 in rotation that I burn depending on my mood. Lavender when I need to chill, cinnamon bun when I’m missing mom’s baking and…well, you get the point.

I’ve sniffed a lot of wicks. But, my all time favorite is Voluspa Feuilles D’Orangerie. Pumped with oils of mandarin and orange rind, Italian lemon leaf, fresh cut grass and white grapefruit; if summer had a signature scent, I think this would be it! Plus, it’s housed in this super cute ceramic bowl that you can reuse for whatever when the wax is cleaned out. I always plant kitchen herbs in mine…I know, so domestic.

Check out for all their exciting scents. Happy Summer anticipation!


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