The New UK Invasion: Adele + Amy Winehouse + Duffy


Since I’m a bit of an anglophile, I stay up on my UK sistren. These days, the Blue Eyed Soul divas Amy Winehouse, Duffy and newcomer Adele are battling it across the pond, so I figured I’d give you guys a visual run down of the competition. Estelle is holdin it down on the British charts, but she’s got some serious competition. Want more? Keep readin’…

While Duffy and Estelle keep trading the No. 1 spot on the UK Singles chart, Estelle’s “American Boy” is No. 1 this week, but Duffy’s “Mercy” is kinda gangster. Check out the ORIGINAL video.


Meanwhile, XL Recordings’ 19 year old singer Adele is on the horizon with her jam, “Chasing Pavements.”


Obviously, Amy Winehouse, crackpipe or not, is the leader of the pack because she’s had so much international success. Who does a telecast performance for the Grammy’s and shouts out their locked up husband the whole time? **shrugs** Unfortunately, I honestly think she’s too distracted, and/or high, to realize that she should be fighting because these chics are creepin’ on the come up. Here’s my fave Amy joint.


It’s interesting that all of these chics are doing what black soul singers have been for decades, not to mention current retro-fave Sharon Jones and her band, The Dap Kings (who were Amy’s studio band). The fact is, the soulful voices of these Caucasian ladies actually hold a tall candle to the sounds of Motown and Stax Records and there’s the real selling point. Kinda like Eminem getting so much attention initially because he was white, but could actually rhyme and lyrical ate anyone who said he coudn’t. THEN people got over his color and accepted the fact that Eminem is a great MC. Public perception is so strange.

Either way, Amy’s Back To Black album is amazing and Adele’s 19 really impressed me. “Chasing Pavements” is my jam and after listening to Adele, hearing Amy and Duffy almost makes me feel like I’m listening to Beyonce’s “Listen” after Jennifer Hudson’s “And I’m Telling You” in Dreamgirls. Adele’s voice is just bigger.

Both Duffy and Amy’s albums are already out stateside, but Adele’s debut, 19 hits the US this June, and it will be released online a bit earlier

So, who’s your fave of the three?

ps. We know you already have Amy’s album, so check out some music from Duffy and Adele + our girl Estelle:

American Boy – Estelle featuring Kanye West

My Same – Adele

Hanging On Too Long – Duffy

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