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antmlogo.jpg So chances are, you have watched at least five episodes of America’s Next Top Model, because you are like me and love reality television, fashion and seeing under-fed girls cry over dumb shit and get really excited for TYRA MAIL!!!
In my line of work, the real photo books of about five ANTM contestants, running from “eh” (Kenya) to “omg, she’s dope and really has a chance” (Kim & Saleisha – hmmm aren’t they both with Elite?), have come across my desk. One question…why don’t I remember seeing any of their ANTM images in their books? Please tell me that they walked away with at least their pictures.

Hey Tyra, care to comment?

Obviously, these girls are pounding the pavement like the rest of the models in New York City- but what is a minority Top Model to do when the money and bookings gets low? Fortunately, I found out one of the ways this weekend when collecting my much-ignored mail.


Especially Yours and Ashro baby!

The premiere fashion catalogs with the Black woman in mind! For some reason, I’ve been receiving these catalogs because, apparently, I am Black and in dire need of a new Patti Labelle Collection wig and church suit. So to flip open the new “issue” of Especially Yours and see ANTM winner, Eva Pigford, don the “Rasha” dread wig and “Peala” wig for what I pray was a nice check, one has to wonder…would it have made more sense for her just to move to NY and grind like the rest of the girls, and probably still end up in EY? No diss on EY, but is Eva restricted to the catalog purgatory that she certainly wasn’t prepped for on ANTM (seriously, about 95% of those girls will never see a runway–they are Commercial Print girls, which is PERFECTLY FINE)? Even Roshumba is reppin hard in EY, but she paid her runway & print dues in the 80’s & 90’s so she gets a pass.

<< Fellow ANTM winner, Dani, makes a few solid appearances over in the Ashro catalog (watch out Dani, you are on sale!), but at least Ashro carries things that I will actually wear– ok, more like in one thing. I love the Afrocentric pieces, because sometimes, after a good shower, all I want to do is throw on some Egyptian Musk oil and wear my new Kenya caftan while listening to Angelique Kidjo.
Regardless of how “eh” both of these catalogs are, I DO look forward to flipping through the pages and cheering for minority models actually getting work, even if it is modeling a suit that has a matching hat, shoes and bible bag. It’s a check and bills need to be paid.

So Eva, Dani, ‘Shumba…do you thing, get your money and I hope to God you got a free wig, church crown or mud cloth set in the process. The industry is harsh and work is work–good luck to you. I’m kinda diggin’ the Lady Labelle wig, but then again, no one can carry some hair like Patti.


(AHAHAHAHAHA!!!- dsteel)

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