Tribeca Film Festival 2008

The popular “Drive-In” is back this year.

The Tribeca Film Festival is upon us! If you are in New York, or close by – we highly suggest you brave the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan (watch those stilettos) and explore what this year’s festival (121 films) has to offer.

After last year’s expansion plan went awry with increased ticket prices, hard to reach theater locations and tight schedules, Robert De Niro and his crew have adopted a “back to basics” approach to this time around. Closing on May 4, tickets range from $8-$15 and- as always–there are parties galore. Anything that will bring me closer to Robert is always good.


Here are my Parlour picks:

Redbelt [Any movie, play, party Chiwetel Ejiofor will bring me out. Even when he played a drag queen]

The Auteur [Funny porn!]

Baghdad High



Elite Squad [This is one of my favorite movies, shot in one of my favorite cities featuring music by Sepultura.]

Fauborg Treme

Gotta Dance [Go Granny! Go Granny!]

Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot [ Basketball + Beastie Boys = Bliss.]

Kicking It

Kassim The Dream

Meerkat Manor

Milosevic on Trial

My Life Inside

Old Man Bebo


A Portrait of Diego: the Revolutionary Gaze

Pray the Devil Back to Hell


Simple Things

Sita Sings the Blues



This Is Not a Robbery [Gangsta Grandpa]

Toby Dammit

Happy Watching!

Tribeca Film Festival

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