Afternoon 5.13.08

OMG, Gossip Girl was FANTASTIC last night. And if you missed the wrap-up, here it is via a guy-gal pair in NYC somewhere. XOXO [NYMag]

Remember that movie Traffic, well a-la that drug-trafficking-from-South America (and Mexico)-to-the-US plotline, 14 real life Columbian drug lords are being shipped to the US to face charges for, what else, drugs. [BBC]

As my boy said, rapper Remy Ma gets eight years for shooting her ex-babysitter and Sean Bell’s killer trio are planning for the Fourth of July. SMH… [VillageVoice]

So, today, instead of Zimbabwe, it’s Malawi. Four opposition officials were arrested for attempting to overthrow President Bingu wa Mutharika. Speaking of, Mugabe’s been a little quiet lately. Hm… [BBC]

Steely D here, hit me at Sorry your Tea’s late…it’s been a LONG day.

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