Afternoon Tea 4.1.08

Guess what?, that’s what! [DMN]

Facebook, like everything else, could lead to identity theft. Watch your back, ladies. [BBC]

Barack’s going to the mat in defense of denouncing Rev. Wright. [NYT]

Erm, Houlihan’s + Sex & The City? Apparently, the b-level American resty has drinks themed after the film. Don’t know about you, but I’m not going. [Gawker]

Despite making more money than you or I will ever physically SEE, oil companies are sad they’ve only made $10.9 Billion. [NYT]

Common previewed his new “Invincible Summer” LP this week. I’m giving him another chance just because he’s got amazing pillow face, you know the kind you actually WANT to see in the morning light. More on that later…not the pillow but the album. ha! [Billboard]

Apperently, al-Queda is in Somali. 11 people died in an air raid last night. This just makes me sad. [BBC]

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! For the record, saying in public that the US could “totally obliterate” Iran isn’t very tactful. [CNN]

Word On The Street: Why is Ne-Yo working on Lindsay Lohan’s album? But seriously, the song-writer wrote Jennifer Hudson’s upcoming single “Spotlight,” and it’s my jam. Heard it this week and it’s too bad I can’t leak it here. But it’s coming in a few weeks…Also, buy that upcoming Al Green CD “Lay It Down” on May 27. It knocks! Totally “Simply Beautiful” for 2008. Palour buddy ?uestlove co-executive produced the LP with James Poyser (Erykah Badu, D’Angelo), PARLOUR COSIGN.

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