Afternoon Tea 4.8.08

Clive Owen is still beautiful on the set of Duplicity and pretty boys Nate & Smith Jared from Gossip Girl AND Sex and the City. **fans self** [Jezebel] [Gawker]

I love this, a South African woman listed her husband’s infidelities on her CAR for everyone to see. Ha! [BBC]

Spike Lee agrees with me, we both want Rev. Jeremiah Wright to SHUT UP. No dis to his views, because I agree, but it’s about timing Rev. [CL]

Actor Chewy Ejiofor on David Mamet’s Redbelt, do you wanna see it? [NYMag]

Designers Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld get characterized by The Simpsons, lol. [Kanye]

Hill’s aid says all this democratic nomination hoopla will be over by June. If she loses Clinton will campaign for Obama. [LAT]

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