Afternoon Tea 4.9.08

Rogan Gregory’s line for Target is on sale at Barneys. This doesn’t quite makes sense to me either (why not just be on sale at Target?) but apparently Gossip Girl’s Vanessa (she’s dating Nate? OMG!) likes it and that’s all that matters. [Fashionista]

Josef Fritzl, the Austrian guy who repeatedly raped and fathered several children by his DAUGHTER may face murder charges. [Guardian]

Speaking of crazy people, a couple Texas teens turned a SKULL INTO A BONG. WTF? [AP]

A Los Angeles judge finally ruled in favor of rapper Notorious BIG’s family’s wrongful death lawsuit. That only took 59,000 years. [Billboard]

UK teens binge drink for better sex. Um, doesn’t every country do that, no matter what age? [BBC]

More Brit-ness, Coldplay’s going on tour. Woop Woop! [NME]

Steely D here, hit me at I want to go back to sleep. No, actually I just want to go watch Ironman. Toodles!

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