Afternoon Tea 5.12.08

OOOOOOH, a new blackberry. **foaming at the mouth** [Star]

Wanna try to overthrow the government and get pardoned? Move to the Philippines. [BBC]

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. New York does fall fashion. I’m excited about the white shirt and goth resurgence. What would you actually wear? [NYMag]

The McCartney’s are finally REALLY divorced. I really don’t like the ex wife. Who gets multiple millions in a settlement and complains?!?! [BBC]

NYPD tried to rough up their highest uniformed black officer (f*&*in’ idiots), while in Inglewood, CA, police thought they saw a gun so they killed a one person and wounded another. Of course, no guns were found. I want to believe the police like me, but it’s REALLY getting hard. [AP] [LAT]

And because we love her, model Chanel Iman, gets her very own feature. Go brown models!!! [NYMag]

Umm, Jbakes and I don’t really what to call this…maybe Strokers mixed with a lil’ Sixteen Candles? [D-listed]

Steely D here, hit me at Remember when I said I wanted to “watch Ironman?” Well, I did and while it was cool, I don’t think it was the best flick I’ve ever seen. Bring on The Dark Knight! Toodles!

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