Afternoon Tea 5.15.08


Former NY Gov. Spitzer’s female escort, Ashley Dupre, hit the streets yesterday…all I ask is WHY OH WHY is her shirt SHEER? smh…aren’t we supposed to put our best foot forward and try to distract folks from who we really are (a call girl) when we’re in hot water? Even cup-holding, syrup-sipping Lil’ Wayne hit the court room in a suit for his drug charges, even R. Kelly! [NYPost]

Obama’s taking Pres Bush to the mat, saying the lame duck Pres likened him to Nazi sympathizers. [BBC]

Zimbabwe is extending their run-off election, it’s now slated for July 31. Do you believe them? [Guardian]

Chris Rock’s metaphor on why Hillary Clinton should quit (while she’s ahead?)…hilarious [MissInfo]

Looks like your weed man won’t have his new supply for a sec…Vietnam police just finished their largest cannibus raid ever. [BBC]

What does your tattoo say about you? [Gawker]

Steely D here, hit me at Please let Usher’s album be good when we hear it this week…

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