Afternoon Tea 5.16.08

Bunches of folks came out to watch the New Kids on the Block reunion performance. [BBC]

New York City TV news anchor Sue Simmons was caught on tape cursing someone out…I love it. [Bossip]

And while Sue’s cursing, the Bay’s storied black news anchor Dennis Richmond is retiring after 40 years. No on could rock a ‘stache like you D. [SFGate]

Oil’s officially $127 per barrel. SMH…translation? If you have a car, you are screwed. [BBC]

It’s Friday ya’ll and I’m tired. As for Word on the Street, we heard Usher’s Here I Stand and all I can say is Ursh is giving Luther Vandross (RIP) a run for his wedding song money. Can someone tell Tameka to write a book on how to turn a man out so you get an entire album dedicated to you? The whole LP just made me want to marry someone. ha! And that’s serious. ‘Til next time…

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