Afternoon Tea 5.19.08

Director Steven Spielberg’s already promising more Indiana Jones installments. The flick hasn’t even come yet- chill E.T. guy. [BBC]

Republican US Pres nominee (pretty much) John McCain x Young Jeezy. HA! But really, NEW YORK MAGAZINE even talking about Young Jeezy. HAHAHA!!! I might smell a T.I. crossover in the wings. Just look what an Usher collabo can do… [NYMag]

You Austrailians Brits are cold-blooded. Germaine Greer on Posh Spice: “She can’t sing, but Posh Spice is the Damien Hirst of dress-wearing.” haha…Germaine = ovaries of steel. Seriously, look her up. [Guardian]

The Ting Tings rocked the UK’s Brighton Great Escape Festival this weekend. They’re also no. 1 over there…What do you think? [NME]

Curists are fighting over the “last” Vincent Van Gogh painting stashed away in Athens, Greece. They think it was stolen from someone by the Nazi’s and the story gets confusing from there… [Guardian]

I’m Steely D and tonight’s the season finale of Gossip Girl. OMFG!!! Hit me at if you wanna tell me a secret, share a fashion fetish or talk about why Blair and Chuck don’t just get together. They know they want to.

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