Afternoon Tea 5.2.08

Mariah Carey…I understand wearing little to no clothes, but marrying Nick Cannon with Da Brat as your bridesmaid? We hope your dress was Vera Wang at least? [Latina]

While former Zimbabwe President Mugabe is refusing to leave office, the country’s economic crisis is so severe, folks are forced to become vegetarians. Meat’s just too expensive. [BBC]

Beyonce’s working with Tricky Stewart, The Dream’s producing sidekick- the pair crafted Rihanna’s “Umbrella” together. You know you liked that song. [Showbiz]

Am I late? Backless bras?!?! [MD]

The UK is hating on the Labour party, aka British for Democrat, according to recent elections. [BBC]

TI talks new album and looks pretty, lol… [NahRight]

Um, even without connections your next flight might take a bit longer. Airlines are slowing down (in the air) to save gas. UGH. [SFG]

Obama vs. Rev. Wright > US Pres. Bill Clinton vs. Sister Souljah. Confused? Read it. [NYMag]

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