Afternoon Tea 5.21.08

I know Jbakes mentioned this already but have you actually watched the interview where Barack smacks up the GOP for misconstruing wifey’s words? I’m more in love with the Obama’s each day. [ABCNews]

Why are the South African attacks on foreigners spreading to Durban, SA? I really don’t understand. A first hand account in the second tag. [BBC1] [BBC2]

Target is going HARD. What hath Isaac Mizrahi (Target’s first high-end designer partnership) wrought? Now it’s Jonathan Saunders. [Fashionista]

The Salem witch trials have reappeared in…Kenya? What the hey is going on out there? [BBC]

SEX, SEX and more SEX. EW did pretty much an entire issue on Sex & the City. It’s awesome. [EW]

Steely D Almost to the three day weekend…

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