Afternoon Tea 5.22.08

Benicio Del Toro plays revolutionary Che Guevara in Steven Soderbergh flick, er, Che. I’m excited about this one, Out of Sight is still a fave. J.Lo as Karen Sisco: “You wanted to tussle. We tussled.” [EW]

Sex and the City‘s Charlotte’s a recovering alcoholic? What? [Jezebel]

The Guardian newspaper is following the development of Katine, Uganda for charity. Nice. [Guardian]

Obama’s quietly started his search for a VP…what about US Pres Jimmy Carter for 2008 aka John Edwards? [CNN]

Jewelry company Bing Bang is going to Urban Outfitters from Barney’s. Could UO be the new Target? [Fashionista]

South Africa sent troops into the streets after attackers began “necklacing” foreigners. “Necklacing” refers to placing a burning tire around a victims neck. [Gazette]

Steely D says “It’s ALMOST Friday…” Commiserate with me at

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