Afternoon Tea 5.28.08

The High Court of Malawi has ruled that Madonna can officially be David Banda’s mommy. Now, expect the tabloids to do a “Whose Cuter: African Orphans Edition” with him, Zahara and Mary Louise Parker’s unnamed baby. [Reuters]

Speaking of babies, Dr. Martin Luther & Corretta Scott King’s first grandchild was born earlier this week. Little Yolanda has a big name to live up to! [Bossip]

Maybe I wasn’t the only one that liked that spiked Burberry purse…their profits are up 25% [Guardian]

Following ex-R.Kelly’s former protégé Sparkle’s courtroom skirmish with the defense lawyer, now his ex-assistant identified him on the infamous tape featuring the under-age girl. This. is. a. circus. [MTV]

A THROWBACK: footage of Biggie performing “Warning” [TMOD]

-Steely D

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