Afternoon Tea 5.29.08

Bad weather may have caused the global increase in food prices. Wait, so…my bread is more expensive because there was a hurricane somewhere? Um…yes. [BBC]

50 Cent (& G-Unit)’s new video for “Rider Part 2”. Fif’s growl at the clip’s beginning? priceless. [Nahright]

New York City club kid/DJ Leigh Lezark recently signed to IMG modeling agency. I’m going to quit my job and get turntables NOW. [Fasionista]

Oh boy…now Simba Makoni, the third place runner-up in Zimbabwe’s delayed/questionable/still unreleased results voting process, is crying for a run-off too. Smh… [BBC]

As if being a has-been hottie isn’t hard enough, Dior dropped actress Sharon Stone from their Chinese campaign due to her off color comments. She called China’s recent quake “Karma” for their treatment of Tibet. [NYT]

Kanye West “Flashing Lights” PART SEVEN!!! kidding…it’s really the first one (supposedly..but it just leaked like yesterday). Watch after the jump…Thoughts ladies? [OS]

Steely D says it’s FINALLY POPSICLE WEATHER!!! Woop Woop!

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