Afternoon Tea 5.30.08

Brad and Angelina are the proud parents of twins we believe…(she’s be back to this size in like 2 weeks, watch) [Perez]

Does your child’s father hate you? You better think about it…50 Cent’s child’s mother’s home just burned to the ground this morning. He tried to evict her last month…then said she could stay ’til the end of the school year. School’s almost done…now the house is a crisp. What do you think? [XXL]

Don’t fancy UK PM Gordon Brown- well, he’s calling you at home to talk about it. [BBC]

Do you want to see Brad Pitt’s new movie by the Coen Brothers, “Burn After Reading.” Watch the trailer in the link. I think I do, Frances McDormand co-stars and she can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. [Dlisted]

Anything about Gossip Girl…this time it’s Nate and Chuck pictures. You already know… [NYMag]

Former South African President De Klerk says all that necklacing wasn’t apartheid’s fault. So who’s was it? [BBC]

It’s friday…praise the god’s of Sex & the City!- Steely D

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