Afternoon Tea 5.5.08

SJP talks Sex and the City film, a friend saw the preview last week (yes, I hate her too) and said it was amazing. I’m clutching my LV bag in anticipation… [NYMag]

Someone at Fox made up a modern day Purple Rain……starring NE-YO!!! Blasphemy seems to be falling from the sky this afternoon. [MissInfo]

The UN didn’t have enough gas to drop off food to the Gaza Strip the other day. SMH… [BBC]

Speaking of food, two died in a Somalian protest over the hig price of food. This food crisis is NOT a joke. [MSNBC]

Do you like this song? Young Jeezy + Kanye West = “Put On.” My fave line: “Weave look like curly fries.” You better stop talking about my girl Keyshia like that Jeezy. [XXL]

Why are US politicians so slutty? This time its the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. [AP]

Linds Lohan is going to be on “Ugly Betty.” YES! [WashPo]

Over 4,000 die in Burmese cyclone disaster. Crazy. [Guardian]

Speaking of ‘Ye, Entertainment Weekly gave his “Glow In the Dark” tour a bad review and then he told the reviewer to go “kill yourself.” Thoughts, ladies? [Dlisted]

I. hate. my. new. haircut. Steely D

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