Afternoon Tea 5.6.08

Common’s lovely face will be included in the next installment of Terminator Salvation. Obviously any excuse to look at him is a plus. [EW]

Now African Union foreign ministers are meeting in Tanzinia to discuss the Zimbabwe crisis with former President Mugabe and Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is still deciding if he will participate in the run-off, or if he wants to roll with his 47% of the votes. Would you run again? [BBC]

Some Japanese are against the death penalty and have nationally screened an execution to prove it. Ready to discuss capitol punishment yet, ladies? [Guardian]

If you were wondering who Ryan Reynolds is, aka actress Scarlett Johansson’s new fiance…this is him. [PopSugar]

Following Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Luella Bartley, designer Alice Temperly is joining London’s upcoming fashion week. nice. [Telegraph]

Buying a house/condo = nervous. Mortgage company Fannie Mae is following the downturn of other homeloan instituions with a serious stock decline. [Forbes]

In the UK, Big Brother, aka filming everyone’s every move, didn’t decrease crime. [Guardian]

Word on the Street: Remember all those rumors of Common dating tennis star Serena Williams, and denying it? Well, it’s still going strong. Parlour spotted him at the airport mid-flirt. Also, doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a new E.Badu clip anytime soon, and her second album Loretta Brown previously slated for later this year might be delayed as well. Badu is re-doing the LP now on her tour bus. hm…

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