Cover Love: Vogue India

If you are a Parlour regular, you will know that we tend to be very critical honest, when it comes to magazines. Having all worked at a magazine at one time or another and knowing what actually goes into the rags on a daily basis can make your reading experience a bit jaded. But we also believe in giving respect when respect is due, which is why the March and May 2008 covers of Vogue India are taking the cake for best Vogue covers like in…5,000 years (okay, maybe 2-3 years). Maybe it’s just exciting to see a woman of color on the cover of a major title like Vogue, even if it is one of their international editions.

Featuring Bollywood starlets Kareena Kapoor and Bipash Basu, Vogue India makes me actually not mind paying for a magazine. I could do without their full spreads that still feature non-Indian models (to Vogue’s defense, it just may be cheaper to re-purpose US Vogue shoots, which they are doing). Unfortunately they are not offering US subscriptions at this time, but if you can find it–grab it!


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