Chris Rock once joked that after a dude gets married, he doesn’t get head anymore- he gets fellatio. Pretty funny, mostly because it’s true. What is it about marriage that makes a couple stop doing all the kinky shit they used to do?

It works both ways though. I know married dudes who refuse to go down on their wifeys. I never really understood that because one, like the late great MC Big Pun said “I’m Puerto Rican to the core and all boricuas eat the coochie” and two, if you can’t go down on your wife than who can you go down on? I mean call me a freak but that shit turns me on.

Still, that’s beside the point.

As men we should know better, because I can’t count the times I pulled a girl simply because her man was neglecting certain things. So who’s to say that if we don’t take care of our woman’s needs that another guy isn’t waiting in the wings. It’s not just sex either, relationship maintenance really boils down to being interested in the relationship. So if listening, going shopping and helping care for the kids means being genuinely interested, then so be it.

I won’t lie, there are times when I can be off doing my own thing, and sometimes have to check myself, but some guys are totally clueless. Damn dude, the least you can do is go down. What the hell is wrong with you?

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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