Golden Girl

Meet 93 year-old Claire Oesch, one of our new patron saints, whose profile was published in today’s New York Times. Other than being one of the city’s oldest barflys, she is also full of charm, elegance and wit:

As for why she never married Mr. Sterlini, she said: “He was already married — to his Italian mama. I said no. I’m too independent.”

A native of Switzerland, Ms. Oesch is a testament to independence and style at any age. Personally, I love sitting at a cozy bar with a pint of beer or a glass of my favorite whiskey and a good newspaper and watching life happen, so if this is my future–bring it on! If you ever get up to Café des Artistes one of these evenings, send a glass of red wine her way and tell her that I sent you.

Once a Hostess, Now a Bar’s Grande Dame {NYTimes}

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