HBO: Desperate for Help?

HBO.. HBO… Once the darling of Sunday night programming now desperately searching for that hit series to bring them back on top. I know I’m not alone when I say that for almost seven years, HBO was my channel of choice on any given Sunday night. I would race home to have dinner cooked and ready by 9 to catch the latest episode of Sex in the City, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, or my deepest love: The Wire. They stretched it as far as they could and tried to sprinkle us with small addictions like Entourage or Tell Me You Love Me (aka Sunday night soft porn special), but they haven’t been able to capture the magic that they once had. I even did the unspeakable and–in an effort to get my Sunday night “fix” fell in love with Showtime’s Dexter and Brotherhood.

So now what is the cable network to do? In an effort to meet this challenge, the network has tapped New York Times columnist Frank Rich and former Talk editrix Tina Brown to serve as “creative consultants” for the network. Don’t get me wrong–I am a huge fan of Frank Rich’s column and Tina Brown…well… if anything I can respect her work in publishing, but this all seems like a desperate cry for help. What makes these guys sudden “gurus” in television programming? Hell, I’m sure I can come up with a few good show ideas myself.

Check it out:

* Me, Myself and I: The story of a 30 year old successful career woman who suddenly quits her job to travel the globe in an effort to “find herself.” The story follows her in her journey of various encounters and relationships across the globe. (Pros: It will allow viewers to live vicariously through her on Sunday night before yet another day in the office. Cons: The cost of shooting abroad–not so good)

* Real Life: Six women from various cultural backgrounds move to New York City to live out their dream of conquering the city. Each tell their own stories, but somehow their lives become intertwined and their experience will never be the same. (Pros: It’s Sex in the City 10 years prior, but with a multicultural cast–showing the TRUE fabric of NYC–not just the Upper East Side version. Cons: It’s Sex in the City meets Living Single Meets Friends, so perhaps we’ve seen this before)

Okay, so if either of these ideas makes it to the big screen, you read it here first!  Now if you were the new “creative consultant” for HBO, what would YOU want to see? Let’s hear it!

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