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Last month, as you may recall, I sold the first condo I ever owned. I’ve been on the road for the last three weeks, staying with friends and invading their space. During this transitional period, I’ve really learned quite a bit about some of my friends. We’ve talked about the things that they love about their homes and the quintessential items they can’t live without. Then, while I was sleeping on my girl’s couch, I thought about what I can’t live without…Here they are:

1) Home Fragrance Oil in Coconut ($7.50) and Oil Droplet Burner ($18.50) from The Body Shop. It’s calming and made my whole place smell delicious. www.thebodyshop.com


2) Alseda wicker stools ($29.99 each) that I stacked to make low seating in my living room. I rarely sit on the sofa anymore. www.ikea.com

sony tv

3) My 40-inch Sony Bravia LCD HDTV ($1,199.99) has been my pride and joy for the last year. I thought it was too big for the longest time, but now I think I need a bigger one! www.sony.com

vera wang

4) The Vera Wang by Serta Bridal Bed ($1,499.99) was my biggest splurge when I moved into my condo. All my previous mattresses were old hand me downs. I wanted to buy something cheap, but the Levitz (RIP) sales associate told me that “if you spend your money on anything, it should be quality bedding. You spend half your life on it.” Amen. www.serta.com

5) In my bedroom I had a gold crushed velvet Vanity Chair with a skirt. It was something that an elderly neighbor was giving away and it’s a traditional vintage piece. No matter how many times I change the color scheme in my bedroom, the chair is always incorporated. You can find a chair similar to mine at www.horchow.com. Prices vary.

bath gloves

6) I’ve used Bath Gloves ($8.00) instead of a wash cloth since high school. They come in every color under the sun and are machine washable. www.thebodyshop.com

7) In high school, a friend of mine gave me a Cross Nickel. It’s a nickel with a die cut cross in the center, it’s supposed to keep Jesus with me wherever I go. Well, fearful of losing it, I kept it on my night stand. Cost-Priceless

What can’t you live without?


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