I Love My Baby Mama

Now I admittedly talk a lot of shit about my relationship and I know that I’m far from perfect. There are a few things that I’m sure I can be doing better (Right, ThatChick?). Still with Mother’s Day just barely behind us, I have to acknowledge the fact that my wife is the most perfect mother in the world.
I have a few friends with more than a few baby mothers and shit is real. When I’m out at work for one of those 12 hour shifts or when I’m out of town on a business trip, I never have worry if my kids are getting the proper care. I know they’re being fed, bathed and getting all the love that anyone can possibly give.

When I get to talking to my homeboy and compare notes I feel pretty lucky because his baby moms is a mess. They have a daughter together that she shipped to PR to live with her grandmother while the baby’s mama maxes out here in the states. Meanwhile, my man, who is in the Army, is currently stationed overseas and can’t do anything about it.

So this Mother’s Day, I just took a moment to sit back and marvel at my kids. My oldest is not even 3 years old and he’s smarter than me. The other day he was explaining to me why we live on earth and why we need oxygen to live! I’m not gonna front, I’m a pretty awesome father myself, but as a parent I’d be lost without wifey.

To all you dudes, appreciate your baby mama’s especially if she’s doing right by your kids. And if she isn’t, then demand more. And to all the mothers out there, you are appreciated! Bundy cares if don’t nobody else care. Now to all you trifling baby mamas out there, step ya’ parenting game up. How you gonna have a new Gucci purse while your kids are rocking Payless shoes 1/2 a size to small?

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