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It is common knowledge that I stan for all things Marc Jacobs and to my delight, GQ interviewed him about his crazy blue hair, svelte new shape and the pressure of taking all my money designing for Louis Vuitton.  Here are a few of my fave bits:

If Ralph Lauren is a lifestyle, Marc Jacobs is an ethos. With his pitch-perfect instincts—say, using laconic, large-nosed Sofia Coppola in grainy, era-defining ads—he exerts an almost messianic pull.
But how can he be both a messiah and a mess?

(why do some writers describe creatives in such a hallowed tone? messiah? lol...)

“I don’t feel like I’m in crisis, and I don’t know that it’s the middle of my life,” Jacobs says, looking a little like Jeff Goldblum circa The Fly—large, dark, worried eyes weirdly belied by a dome physique. It’s a measure of how closely he is watched and the stir he has caused that even a self-described attention whore like Jacobs is starting to weary of the scrutiny. “Why is there this division all of a sudden between people in support of me and people against me? How did this happen? I haven’t done anything to anybody! I look at Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano—everybody has their shtick. And just because this wasn’t my shtick two years ago, it’s a problem.”

…Clothes, really, were the only thing he loved during a bleak and fractured childhood. “The pain,” he says, “is proportionate to the pleasure.”

I ask Jacobs if he’s ever curious about his mother—where she is, what she’s doing now. “Not at all,” he says mordantly. “Utterly cold on the subject. I never believed that idea that you’re supposed to love the members of your family. I hate the idea of obliged feelings—I just think that’s a huge waste of time. But I’ve had enough conversations with people to realize that I’m the oddball in this category. I can’t think of anyone as detached from their family as I am. Or as detached as I say I am.”

…As a shrink surely told him somewhere along the line, redemption is in admitting what you’re up to.

“It’s like saying, ‘I want to look hot.’ That is such a dumb thing to say,” Jacobs notes. “But what’s so cool about it is that you can say it. Yeah, I want a bunch of muscle queens at David Barton Gym to think that my body looks dope. And I might think that was an awkward and dumb thing to say, but I still like that I’ll throw it out there. Because it’s true, you know?”

Read the rest here.

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