MCM’s Comeback, Not So Much…

Have you ever looked at blasphemy head on? I mean really stopped, looked and were so appalled that you had to call someone to tell them what you were enduring? That happened to me on Saturday as I perused Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family weekend sale. I saw this bag and literally pulled a bitter beer face in disgust (WTF is up with the Lion of Judah on the bag? -JBaker). And I’m thinking Adidas is to blame, and that hurts because I love Adidas.

In 2005, Adidas purchased the MCM brand and began plotting a revival. Here’s some history:

“Given Michael Michalsky’s (he is former global creative director for Adidas) success at Adidas, it comes as no surprise that Kim Sung Joo, chief executive of the South Korean import retailer Sung Joo International and one of Michalsky’s collaborators, foresees a turnaround at MCM in the Gucci mold, is expecting the same.

In the 1980s, the high-quality leather bags with the bold MCM logo were cherished both on Munich’s fashionable avenues and on the streets of New York, where Modern Creation Munich was remixed into “More Cash Money.”

But the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, hitting markets in South Korea and Japan, where MCM did its best business, spelled the end of the label under the hand of Michael Cromer, the flamboyant Munich personality who founded MCM in 1976. Though MCM continued to make bags and collections, the items were sold only in South Korea.”

Now the brand is bubbling up in retro-hipster circles. Artists like Sa-Ra’s Taz Arnold and other pop life kids are sporting the classic logo. While I’m slagging the brand off, I’m feel compelled to clarify that the MCM brand is still desirable but I implore their new designers to embrace their nostalgic audience. We want pieces like this:

Not this:


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the good folks at Parlour Magazine.

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