Morning Coffee: 5.1.08

Photo: Essdras M. Suarez

If you know me, you know that I can hold a mean grudge. But if 7-year-old Kai Leigh (pictured) can accept an apology from the guy who’s stray bullet severed her spine and left her paralyzed, we can forgive some of the knuckleheads in our lives too. Kai, you a are fabulous little lady! {BostonHerald}

So obviously, you spend a good amount of time on your computer. But watch out! Your keyboard may be crawling with more germs that your toilet. {Guardian}

Thanks to the dollar basically sucking ass, America is now the world’s discount shopping mall. This leaves those in NYC, the shopping capital, faced with a dilemma -deal with the tourists or just hit on them for fun. Here’s a guide to cruisin’ the Euro set. {NYMag}

Sigh. Obama/Rev Wright/Race…blah blah blah. Leave it to a woman to call for us to just move on. {TheSwamp}

Yesterday, I told you about Ronaldo’s tranny hanky-panky scandal. Well, here’s some video. Ummm, Ronaldo…”psychological problems” don’t excuse you from the ways these girl/guys look. {BBC}

In Tanzania, 20 people have been murdered this past year-because they have albinism, which is believed to be the result of a curse. My people, wake up! The Tanzanian president has elected for Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer, an albino (or ‘Zeru’) to tackle the problem. {BBC}

Like The Daily Show? Meet the guy who scoops out all of those intelligent-yet-hilarious clips for the show. Adam, you’re then man. {WashPo}


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