Morning Coffee: 5.13.08

The Sex And The City crew debuted their movie yesterday in London. For some reason…is it me, or is the thrill gone? Or maybe I just hate their outfits. {Telegraph}

Sadly, more natural disasters are troubling the globe. Yesterday in China, a massive earthquake rocked the mountainous region in the Sichuan province. {BBC}

In Nigeria, former president Olusegun Obasanjo is denying any involvement in the coruption of the country’s power industry. An African official denying corruption? Yawn (sadly). When it came time for him to face the music, he sent a letter to the House of Representatives as he was “slightly indisposed”. I’m going to send that same letter to my job tomorrow. {DailyTrust}

Yong Sun Harvill is a prisoner awaiting deportation and victim of cancer. Why is she being deported? She bought stolen jewelry…10 years ago. Ok, now that we’ve established that absurdity, why isn’t she receiving any (humane) medical treatment? {WashPo}

For 12-year olds doing the latest dance, go to YouTube, for porn go to RedTube, for Jesus–holla at GodTube. {IHT}

Give Bloomberg a break! While trying to console the NYC Chinese community, Mr. Mayor decided to flip it in Chinese…but he kinda/sorta used the wrong phrase. Next time you are getting Schezuan Chicken, try ordering it in perfect dialect. {NYT}


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