Morning Coffee: 5.19.08

In Atlanta, local officials are taking steps to crackdown on prostitution using the popular “schools for john” approach…weird given that ATL is also known as the stripclub mecca in certain circles. {SundayPaper}

Over the weekend in Johannesburg, mobs launched a series of serious attacks against foreigners, mostly Zimbabweans. This surprises many that South Africans would be targeting anyone giving the aid that it has received over the years, especially in the apartheid era. {Guardian}

You know the saying “love stands the test of time”, in this case…”love stands the impact of an earthquake” as one Chinese couple found out after being trapped with one another–for 28 hours. {NYT}

As if detaining immigrants for prolonged periods of time isn’t enough, the U.S. federal government is looking to build mote detention centers…for the whole family’s enjoyment! {LaTimes}

Over in Detroit, good ole’ Kwame Kilpatrick has been discovered as fastracking public grants to his friends…just the tip of really sad iceberg. Also, where is the governor in all of this? {DFP}

Ha! In the Bronx, NY, cops beat up one of their own over a parking ticket blunder. Cue applause from the surrounding group of onlookers and you have what is another crazy day in the BX. Of course if I protested a parking ticket the way they did, I may get shot 50 times. {NYMag}

JBaker has a case of the “Mondays”.

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