Morning Coffee: 5.20.08

Any race for office can run the risk of getting messy, leaving no surprise that US Democratic Presidential nominee (can I say it now?) Barack Obama drew the line in the sand yesterday. Come after him, cool. Come after his wife? Trouble. {Telegraph}

In Colombia, FACR commander Nelly Avila Moreno aka Karina aka “The Female Rambo” has surrendered in hopes for a peaceful dialogue between guerilla rebels and the government. {CNN}

More Kwame Kilpatrick news: the probable soon-to-be-former mayor of Detroit’s case is largely being given the silent treatment by the city’s top business heads. Some don’t want to cross the line in fears of being branded racist? Newsflash–Black people are tired of Kwame too. We asked. {Newsweek}

The European Union (EU) is planning to build a database that holds details of every phone call, email and time spent on the internet by its citizens, to counteract terrorism of course, not to spy on you or anything…that would be wrong! Seeing as that the EU includes twenty-seven countries, that’s basically spying on a good chunk of the world, with public money. {TimesOnline}

I’m never one to gossip but (smirk), it seems that Ms. Lindsay Lohan is showing off some pretty druggie-chic behavior. First is the post-rehab drinking, now we are stealing clothes…watch it Linds, you are 2 steps away from trying to sell a toaster for $5 in South Central. Isn’t it funny how when you are a wealthy celeb you don’t want to aren’t expected to pay for anything? {People}

In college, we used to bet each other how fast campus police could chase us–they were all overweight. Too bad the African country of Mozambique has a entire squad of porky policemen. {BBC}

JBaker can’t wait to get on a plane! Before I do, hit me at for any tidbits for tomorrow’s brew….

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