Morning Coffee: 5.21.08

Humpday Headache….this is why going out on Tuesdays is a no-go…but anyway…

Wanna go green with your car–go used, they are better for the air than a hybrid. {WIRED}

Bootleggers in India are killin’ them with their moonshine–no seriously. {BBC}

Well here in the US, Obama is basically claiming the Democratic nomination. A few, like myself, want to celebrate, but have our skeptical minority hats on. Oh, and this was done on the night Clinton won Kentucky and he won Oregon. {NYT}

In the UK, if you wanna have a baby, but don’t really see the need for a baby-daddy…its all good. {TimesOnline}

Ewwww. In Chicago, jurors in the R.Kelly child pornography trial watched the entire sex tape yesterday. Both parties deny that it’s them in the tape. The day also included a review of the scars and birthmarks on Kelly’s body. Again, ewwwww. {Tribune}

Sadly, Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday. {CNN}

-JBaker is about to lose her mind!
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