Morning Coffee: 5.22.08

Manchester United won the European Cup! I will be watching the replay tomorrow night on cable, just to see my crush–Patrice Evra (Above: far left. Soooooo cute.). Seriously, aside from being a great player, he makes me want to learn French. {Telegraph}

Attention California residents–if you are breathing, you’re gonna die, so party up now. {LaTimes}

Oy Vey! (Is that corny?) It seems that in the older Jewish set, soon-to-be presidential nominee Barack Obama is facing many challenges. Being Black has a lot to do with it, but to be PC, they are leaning on the “what about Israel?” question. {NYTimes)

National Guard Sgt. Corey Glass fled the U.S. in 2006 because he didn’t want to fight in Iraq. Fortunately, he will not face charges there as he may get deported from Canada. Now what about other hundreds who “bowed out”? {CNN)

Tired of getting whistled at on the street? One Israeli tourist offered up a possible alternative: just strip and shut them the hell up. {SMH}

This is your morning captain, JBaker. I’m officially going on vacay soon so see ya! But you can still hit me at if you have a fresh one for the coffee cup.

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