Morning Coffee: 5.23.08

A United States federal court ruled that the national currency discriminates against the blind by making its paper money all the same size and texture. The Treasury may be forced to redesign its bills, again, which is good because American money is still hideous compared to the rest of the world. {NYT}

Cuba, fresh off of a wave of new democratic-friendly reforms, is calling the United States on it’s alleged illegal funny money actions involving Cuban exiles. {BBC}

Unlike the comeback of Michael Jordan…and hell, Jay-Z for that matter–the new Indiana Jones flick is getting rave reviews. {CNN}

Even former U.S. president Bill Clinton is thinking of a double-ticket as a plan-b for Hillary. {IHT}
If that works out, there’s always NY. Mayor, Michael Bloomberg as a possible VP. Wait, seriously? {NYMag}

Remember R.Kelly protege, Sparkle? Well according to reports she certainly lit up the courtroom yesterday in the R.Kelly trial (which we still can’t believe is finally happening). {Tribune}

Ahh yes, Friday! While you are reading this I am on a plane to paradise. In the meanwhile here is some inspiration for the weekend from Verve Remixed 4: California Soul by Marlena Shaw (Diplo Remix). It drops on May 27!

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